About Us

We are a bespoke team of retail experts focussed on implementing retail and supply chain technology solutions. With our deep understanding of multiple retail and supply chain processes, we work closely with our customers to analyse and identify challenges and opportunities, implement solutions and embrace new technologies.

We work closely with customers from Southern Africa’s textile, clothing, consumer goods, manufacturers, and local supplier communities. Passionate about their success, we find, develop and deliver cost effective solutions that fit their goals.



Cogworks combines retail industry focus, technical expertise, and experience in supply chain solutions including Product Lifecycle Management, e-commerce, ERP and other areas to ensure successful project delivery.

Software System implementation services

Project Management

Business analysis and system design

System integration services

Change management and training

Solution evaluation and selection support

Our Team

Our team are experienced professionals and through the successful implementation of many large scale retail projects, understand collaboration and communication is key to technological solution implementations. Our focus is on delivery and providing value, we don’t follow the “old school” consulting model, absorbed with billing hours and hours of expensive locked in resources ,and hence also draw specialists from our large network of independent consultants to complement our team and projects, when and as needed.

Our Partners


We are very proud to be the local representatives for Centric Software, market leader of Product Lifecycle Management solutions in fashion, retail, luxury, footwear, outdoor, consumer goods and manufacturing.
Intuitive, user friendly and completely web-based solutions. Easy-to-use, “single version of the truth” approach to line planning, global sourcing, calendar management, materials management, costing, quality management, collection management, technical design and retail execution .
Centric 8 PLM’s interconnected modules are flexible, configurable and span the entire product process, from concept to customer.
• Get trend-right products to market on time and on budget.
• Expand visibility into deadlines and calendars.
• Improve understanding of materials requirements.
• Mitigate risks.
• Enhance decision-making.


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